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Thursday, 2 May 2013

#1 - photos before renovation

House #1 now part of the project

The house described as #1 under PROPERTIES > #2 was finally purchased on 29 April so is now part of the project. This is good news as we could not be certain that we would actually get it.
There is a lot of work to be done but the house is quite small (47 sqm) which helps!

What will make the work harder is that there is no road access but only a walking path, and for the long term we really would like to keep it that way, so must accept the difficulties whilst renovating...

For some "before" photos see here: #1

Tuesday, 26 March 2013



For those who would like to do their own thing, the project has 2 further pieces of land, not close to those described above, but approx 250 km away, up in the north-west of Bulgaria, on the south bank of the River Danube, about 8 km west of the town of Lom in the region of Montana.

Maps to follow soon.

Clearly, so far away from headquarters, an outpost there would only receive occasional visits from the management.

About 15 minutes walk from each other, the plots are:

- 23 dka (2,3 ha / 5,75 acres) good agricultural land, recently cultivated, currently mainly grass, with a section, c 3 dka (0,3 ha / 0,75 acre) of young fruit trees: apricot and peach. The plot slopes gently towards the north so there are extensive views of the Danube which is less than 200 m away, and beyond to Romania.
You can comfortably walk down to the river in 10 minutes, and the land between this plot and the river belongs to the local municipality, so expect no development there,

- 28 dka (2,8 ha / 7 acres) oak forest with walnuts, less than 100 m from the river, there is one open space in this of 4 dka (0,4 ha / 1 acre) where you could set up your camp.

Both these plots are between the asphalt road and the river, so very quiet, and you do not have to cross any roads to get from one plot to the other, or from either plot to the river.

There are currently no buildings nor any water on these 2 plots.
There is a powerful roadside spring a few km away, this could easily be reached by donkey and cart, or mountain bike and trailer.

Those interested could live in the forest in whatever type of dwelling they prefer, and work the land close by - walk to work in 15 minutes and after work go fishing or swimming in the Danube.
It should be easy to make a good living from such a large plot of fertile land. There will be one condition, though: that any colony there is called Danubia - partly after the Danube, and partly after your manager who is Danish.

Exchanges or rotations could be made between base camp and this outpost, so those interested could live in one environment one season or year, and then move to the other, and then maybe back again - there are many possibilities.

Photos of DANUBIA



Anyone interested in visiting the project is welcome - but expect no luxury.

We offer free basic accommodation but ask that you either work or make a modest financial contribution towards what you eat.

If you come by bus or train, we can come to pick you up in Elena or Veliko Turnovo free of charge but we would charge fuel costs to pick you up at Sofia or Varna airports, both several hundred km away and a full day for the return trip.


DANUBIA - photos

Danubia - looking north-west towards the Danube and Romania,
agricultural plot starts to the left of the camper van,
forest plot still further left (no photos yet)

NOTE: the power lines (top left) do not cross either plot,
in fact you cannot see them from the plots

Danubia - looking north from south-west corner of plot,
this is recently cultivated category 4 agricultural land,
very fertile, you could grow almost anything there
Danubia - looking north towards the Danube and Romania,
taken from the top of the plot, fruit trees in foreground,
the camper van is parked just inside plot at the lower end,
plot is rectangular c 250 m x c 90 m, so 23 dka,
large river barge on the way downstream, meaning moving right,
towards the Black Sea
Danubia - looking north towards the Danube and Romania,
taken from the top of the plot, fruit trees in foreground
Danubia - portrait of a lizard
Danubia - river Danube, less than 200 m away from the plot,
looking upstream, meaning west,

the border between Bulgaria and Romania runs between
the bank on the left and the island in centre right,

in the distance the hills on the Serbian border

#35 and #37 - photos

#35 and #37 - centre right, taken from #2,
straight line distance 1.5 km, walking time c 35 min
#35 and #37 - taken from #2, maximum zoom
#37 and #35
#37 and #35 - foreground could become vegetable garden,
well is just out of photo to the right
#35 - balcony
#35 and #37 - outside toilet
#35 - fireplace (before cleaning house)
#35 - anyone for tea...
#35 - ...on the balcony?

#2 is across the valley, at the upper end of the second snow field
from the top, hidden behind the bare tree to the right of the big
green spruce on extreme left - get it?