Monday, 25 March 2013


The 2 main properties are situated on the outskirts of a small village at an average altitude of 500 m in the Elena Balkan, which is on the north slopes of the main Balkan mountain range, here usually referred to as the Stara Planina (literally: Old Mountains).
Maps to follow soon.

The Elena region is one of the ecologically cleanest in Bulgaria, and the larger of the properties is surrounded by approx 200 dka (20 ha / 50 acres) of state owned forest, specially designated "green zone" so no development will take place there - plus of course we have the free use and enjoyment of that forest without having had to buy it.
The only people you are likely to meet there are local shepherds with their goats, sheep and cows.

Although Elena town (population: 6,000), 25 km away to the west, is quite touristy, no sightseers or trekkers are ever likely to come out here - so a very tranquil and dignified environment.
Elena is our local town where you can get most things, or we go to Veliko Turnovo (population: 60,000), 75 km to the north-west, which is also where we have to go for the major bureaucratic matters.

The village itself, like most villages in Bulgaria, is dying, as young people everywhere are leaving for the cities or go abroad.
There used to be a shop here but it was closed some time ago and the building is standing empty.

Elena is a sub-region of Veliko Turnovo region and there are 10 percent Muslims in the region as a whole. In the local villages it is not easy to get a clear picture of who is Christian and who is Muslim - often people's names are the best way to find out.
Most of the Muslims here are ethnic Turks but of course Bulgarian citizens.


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