Thursday, 2 May 2013

House #1 now part of the project

The house described as #1 under PROPERTIES > #2 was finally purchased on 29 April so is now part of the project. This is good news as we could not be certain that we would actually get it.
There is a lot of work to be done but the house is quite small (47 sqm) which helps!

What will make the work harder is that there is no road access but only a walking path, and for the long term we really would like to keep it that way, so must accept the difficulties whilst renovating...

For some "before" photos see here: #1


  1. This is awesome Ibraheem! Congrats on getting the property! I love the photos of it. Its such a cute cottage! Is it horsehair stucco on the walls? I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that fireplace!!!

    1. Thank you Sister! Happy to report that #1 now has a "new" (mainly re-using old materials) roof. Yes it is very cute and I do not rule out living there myself one day... The stucco is a mixture of earth and straw, sort of stone-age style. We will renovate it with modern rendering - when painted you cannot see the difference anyway, so...
      I have to confess that the fireplace is no more - sorry! There is now a newly built chimney right from the floor and there will be a wood burning stove in its place, of course with a flat top for cooking and an oven above the fire dept.