Monday, 25 March 2013


Plots of land have been bought in Bulgaria, a full member state of the European Union since January 2007. Currently the project owns a total of just over 200 dka (20 ha / 50 acres) mixed land and forest, in 3 different localities, 2 very close to each other in central Bulgaria totalling approx 150 dka (15 ha / 37 acres), and the 3rd about 250 km away in the north-west with approx 50 dka (5 ha / 13 acres).

The unit generally used for land here in Bulgaria is the decare (dka) and 1 dka is 1,000 sqm, so: 10 dka are equal to 1 hectare (ha) and to 2,5 acres.

For future expansion, the owner would consider buying more land as close as possible to the main settlement but we already have enough land and forest to provide for many individuals and families.

Alternatively, interested persons with sufficient funds could buy their own land/buildings as close as possible to the project.

Currently, the only person working on the project is Ibraheem Johansen, who is the project leader (for want of any other job title) and he is not getting paid by anyone but lives from his Danish state pension.

Interested persons will be assessed by Ibraheem for eagerness and suitability, and places will not necessarily be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.


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