Monday, 25 March 2013


The project in central Bulgaria comprises 2 separate property complexes, which we call #2 and #35, the actual house numbers in the village, and both are on the outskirts of the small village, but situated on opposite sides of the same valley, and at the same level, so you can look from one property straight across to the other one, which not only adds to the charm but enhances the community feeling.

==>> #2

==>> #35

Straight line distance is 1.5 km and by road the properties
#2 and #35 are approx 4.5 km apart.
But if you walk it is only 1.7 km and, whether you start from one property or the other, you walk downhill from approx 520 m to the valley floor at 450 m, cross the stream at the stepping stones, and walk uphill to finish at approx 520 m again - you could also do it by horse or donkey, possibly even pulling a cart, or by mountain bike.

Ibraheem walked from house to house first time 30 December 2012, from
#35 to #2, with snow on the ground, out in 35 min and returned by a shorter but snowier route, and now with a full backpack, in 42 min.
When we find the best route expect average time in normal conditions to be 30-35 min.
No prizes for fastest times...


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