Tuesday, 26 March 2013


1 HOUSE plus 108 dka (10,8 ha / 27 acres) PASTURE and FOREST

The property is very private, with its own 500 m dirt track access road through the forest, and with 500 m to the nearest neighbours, down in the valley.


Main house
- 69 sqm.
Situated at 525 m altitude on a ridge between densely wooded ravines, wild and beautiful with excellent views of the surrounding forested hills and rolling pastures, and you can look straight across to
Said to date from 1910, it is very strongly built and so well maintained that no structural repairs were required.
Some improvements have been made since purchase.
Four rooms: large entrance corridor, large living room, 2 smaller rooms, terrace, outside toilet.
Currently no water or bathroom inside nor any electricity. Spring water.

- 19 sqm.
Attached to main house, 1 room, very basic, own entrance, open fireplace.
In the documents this has status of a separate house.
Probably future visitors quarters.

- 38 and 13 sqm.
Attached to main house, for workshop, storage, firewood, chickens, whatever.

Second house (#1)
- 47 sqm.
Status of this house as yet undecided
but in due course it will hopefully be included in the project - surely we are the only potential buyers for it.
Situated at 525 m altitude and approx 100 m from main house, set in a small plot of 1,2 dka which is completely surrounded by land belonging to
#2, it is currently in a rather poor state but certainly repairable.
Two rooms, open fireplace, terrace, the loft space could be utilised. Currently no electricity or water.
Even more private than main house and very suitable for retreat holidays.

- 67 sqm.
Approx 30 m from main house, very strongly built, big enough for 12 cows and 50 goats or sheep in separate quarters, big hayloft, attached large enclosure for the animals.


Currently 108 dka (10,8 ha / 27 acres) of pasture and forest.
We are trying to buy a few smaller pieces to complete "the jigsaw" - this may take time, or prove impossible...

Much of the land is rough grazing land, though nowhere really steep, and there are several quite large areas which are level enough to be cultivated, indeed one area of c 10 dka (1 ha / 2,5 acres) has been cultivated in the recent past, soil depth there is reported to be c 40 cm over soft rock - most things could be grown there successfully, assuming there is an adequate water supply.
The whole area is perfect for goats and sheep and cows - until March/April this year a Turkish family keeps around 60 goats on the property.
There are lots of walnut and plum trees, and some wild apple and pear trees - we are planning some beehives among the fruit trees.

Photos of #2


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