Sunday, 24 March 2013

#35 and #37

2 HOUSES plus 44 dka (4,4 ha / 11 acres) PASTURE and FOREST

Situated at 510 m altitude with excellent views of the surrounding forested hills and rolling pastures. This property is also very private, being the last house near the end of a dirt track which then disappears in the forest, there are a few houses approx 80 m away, all are empty except one and that is an occasional holiday home for a local businessman.



86 sqm on 2 floors, each floor 43 sqm, ground floor is full basement (storage), above are 4 rooms. Open fireplace, mains electricity, municipality water inside house plus deep well in garden, outside toilet, small wooden south facing balcony which looks across to

This house is connected by a large entrance gate to -


23 sqm, 2 rooms, open fireplace, the loft space could be utilised.
Formerly used as a museum for local WWII communist partisans (photos and banners still in place, should anyone be looking for such memorabilia).
Would make a comfortable small home.


#35 and #37 sit in 12 dka (1,2 ha / 3 acres) of level land, there are plums, apples, pears, grapes, walnuts, hazelnuts, the whole is presently wild and overgrown but could become very productive, in particular with the well for irrigation. We are planning some beehives among the fruit trees.

Immediately across the dirt track are 12 dka (1,2 ha / 3 acres) pasture, and about 250 m away are 10 dka (1 ha / 2,5 acres) pine forest.

A further 3 smaller pieces of land, totalling 10 dka (1 ha / 2,5 acres), fairly close by also belong to this property, and they are important because all 3 are bordering small rivers, so could be irrigated easily with a stand-alone water pump.

Photos of #35 and #37


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