Tuesday, 26 March 2013


At #2 we attempted to drill for water, as the only water supply is a weak natural spring - and what a waste of time and money that was!
A local man had assured us that water was at 12 m depth at location X so drilling went ahead: 12m - nothing, 15-18-21m - nothing, down to 31m and still nothing, which is where Ibraheem stopped proceedings...

So, we plan to build a very large water tank, 20-30,000 litres, to be filled automatically by the little spring which, when it runs, gives about 1,000 l/24hr, the overflow to be led to the house, or to the vegetable garden, or both.

Though it would be tedious, we could simply bring water in containers from
#35 when the spring is not running.
This job could be combined with exchanging batteries and so become part of routine visits to

already has plastic water tanks with a combined capacity of 3,000 l.

Also, both at
#2 and #35, we plan to collect rainwater in large tanks, to be used for irrigation and cleaning.


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