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1. Land and maybe buildings will be made available free of any up-front costs to those signing up, meaning that the land will NOT be sold, leased, let or rented to you but will remain the property of the owner, who already has full and clear legal title to the properties involved in the project, meaning outright ownership, which in turn means no loans, mortgages or any other outside financial involvement. This ensures that the project is and will remain independent and financially secure as everything has already been fully paid for and is properly owned as the project starts, so safeguarding everyone involved: the owner as well as the pioneers.
Unlike many other projects, this one cannot therefore "go bankrupt" should one or more investors decide to pull out, or due to "bad times", which the owner fully expects to arrive sooner rather than later - indeed this is the driving force behind the project.

. What YOU get out of it:
- the opportunity to stop dreaming and start doing,
- the chance to put this lifestyle to the test NOW rather than perhaps having to wait several years while you try to save enough money to buy your own patch of land somewhere, and that patch probably not selected but dictated by low land prices in a country you might not otherwise have considered.

. What you need to join:
- sufficient funds to feed and clothe yourself for as long as it takes to become productive, say 6 months,
- the courage to try this out and the will to succeed.

. Risks:
The only risk to you is that of a broken dream should you realise after some time that this is not after all what you want to do - but then look at it this way: much better to try, and find out, than never try.
You will obviously also have to consider loss of earnings from whatever job you might currently be doing.

. Duration:
In principle you could stay as long as you wanted to.
On joining the project you will sign a 1 year agreement (precise wording to be finalised) to the effect that you will do your best to make the land productive.
In the first year's agreement there will be a 3 month mutual probation clause. This is to make sure that the land is actually used and that others, perhaps more eager, are not kept waiting. Simply put, you cannot just sit on the land year after year, admiring the scenery whilst reciting holy scripture or inspired poetry - there is work to be done, YOUR work.
Other than the expiry date itself, no specific termination clause is envisaged in the agreement, which is renewable for a further year if all goes well, but in case of serious incompatibility it is clear that the management stays and you will have to leave...

. What the owner gets out of it:
- the owner gets some of his land cultivated at little cost and gets a small share, say 5 maybe 10 percent, of anything you may produce, either directly as produce, or in cash if you decide to sell your own produce locally,
- a few days per month you will work directly for the owner if required, these days to be carried forward if not made use of monthly.

(Any similarities with past situations like big landowners having landless peasants slaving for them may be interesting for the historian but have no relevance here).

. Land preparation:
Most of the land has not yet, or not recently, been cultivated, but assistance will be given at no cost to you, for example for initial preparation of the land, ploughing etc, as required.

. Buildings:
The project already owns 3 houses, with a 4th hopefully coming soon, plus additional outbuildings.
Any buildings you are allocated will become your responsibility in terms of normal maintenance and minor repairs, the owner pays for the materials and you carry out the work.

. Electricity:
One of the properties is already connected to the local grid, the other is not.

. Water:
Drinking water is either from natural springs or from municipality supply, and for irrigation is either from wells or from streams bordering some of the land.

. Taxes:
All annual property taxes will be paid by the owner.

. Just to make it clear: the project is NOT about total sustainability, though that may be an ideal to be aspired to.

13. Who is welcome to join:
- Muslim Brothers and Sisters, whether singles, couples or families with children,
- non-Muslims who are genuinely interested in the lifestyle practised.

. The project is in Bulgaria so will appeal particularly to citizens of other EU member states as there will be no problems with residency rights etc - but the project is open to all nationalities.
Likewise, for Europeans, there will be no serious climate incompatibilities, as compared with going from Europe to somewhere in the tropics.
Although assistance may be given with paperwork for non-EU citizens, those bureaucratic matters, and associated costs, are essentially your own responsibility.

>>> Any questions anybody? Please ask!

project leader

Contact details, in order of preference:


GSM: international +359 8 87 87 22 61
                  national         08 87 87 22 61

Letters: O.E.H. Johansen
              PO Box 67
              gr. ELENA 5070
              obl. Veliko Turnovo


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