Tuesday, 26 March 2013

#2 - photos

#2 - main house, late June 2012,
door to attached annexe can be seen on left
#2 - main house, mid December 2012
#2 - main house and stables
#2 – sheds,
a vegetable plot is planned here
#2 - main house with stables in background
#2 - main house, terrace,
Ibraheem with shepherds Ivan (left) and Ismail (centre),
taken on the self-timer with camera fixed to a walnut tree
using a clever multi-function mini tripod
#2 - typical view of our immediate surroundings,
this large level pasture (
c 10 dka) is the one mentioned in the text,
it used to be cultivated and we plan to do so again,

it starts about 100 m from main house
#2 - taken from a few metres above the valley floor (450 m),
on the way to #35, and the buildings of #2 can be seen
just below the lowest point of skyline
#2 - taken from #35 balcony, maximum zoom,
main house at front, stables at rear, camper van to the left of house
#2 - stables, our resident dormouse, is it not cute?
#2 - stag beetles

though the situation is arranged (a dead branch was set up at the
back of the camper van, first one beetle was gently forced to land,
then transferred to the branch, this beetle attracted another one
which was also successfully grounded and carefully placed on the
branch), the photo itself is not manipulated in any way -
for someone who has always been totally fascinated by insects,
it does not get any better than this...

taken with flash just after sunset, meaning in twilight, though it
looks like midnight here because of the flash

the key to photos like this?
preparation and patience

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