Sunday, 24 March 2013


As #2 is not connected to the grid, and is approx 600 m away from the nearest supply, solar power was looked into, but it is very expensive for an adequate package, so it was considered wiser and a better long term choice to buy more land rather than investing in high-tech.

Bulgaria, including this area, is generally a light wind zone, so wind power was not considered at all.

However, as
#35 is connected to the grid, it is planned, at least to begin with, to provide limited electricity for #2 by charging 12 volt batteries at #35 through the mains supply there, and then transfer them as required, probably have a total of 12 batteries of say 100Ah each, with 8 of them at #2, 4 of those in actual use and 4 on standby, with the remaining 4 charging at #35.

This electricity is to be used sparingly: for charging laptops and mobile telephones (yes, for the time being we do need them), and a few low wattage lamps. Back to basics...

also has a mobile stand-alone petrol generator for occasional use of high wattage appliances and for emergencies.

This could of course also be used at
#35 if needed.


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